Project Cargo Transportation Services

Transportation of Project Cargo is a great responsibility that any forwarder carries on their shoulder. The project cargo is not only considered as usual transportation but as the reputation between client and country image. All projects are time bounded and quality bounded. This the reason it is important to choose correct partner for the transportation of your project cargo.

Apeiron International team with an experience of 16 and above years of project cargo movement, connect the dots to provide a successful transportation of project cargoes.

Below are the main reasons to select Apeiron International as your partner for the movement of Project Cargo for your company.

  1. Knowledge of customs and regulations of the countries –
    Before starting a project cargo participation, Apeiron International provide detailed information on the customs and border rules and regulations for importing / exporting / transit the project cargo units for the delivery
  2. Road Survey –
    Apeiron International dedicated team make complete road survey to understand all requirements to be considered while the transportation of heavy units from origin till the point of delivery.
  3. Permissions Required check –
    Apeiron International team provides complete details of the all the permissions required, documents required and limitations to be followed as per the law / rules of the countries that will be involved in the transportation of the heavy units.
  4. Strategy / Planning participation –
    Apeiron International take part from the beginning of the project at the time of planning / designing of units to provide suggestions to maintain height / width / length of the units to provide easy and cost-effective transportation of Project Cargo.

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